Mystery shopper program

Measurement and Evaluation Program

Our approach involves identifying the important moments of truth in the eyes of your clients, thus allowing you to transform your everyday activities into tangible actions that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.  Our mystery shopper programs and innovative solutions directly contribute to increasing your sales and reducing your costs.
Lanla clearly sets itself apart from its competitors by optimizing the quality of its evaluation results.  In fact, Lanla has developed a unique, scientifically sound, mystery shopper program methodology that allows for the measurement of customers’ expectations and perceptions.  Every evaluation is completed by clients of yours, who will complete real purchases from your company.  Furthermore, many companies already on Lanla’s mystery shopper program are generating increased revenue above and beyond the actual costs of the program.  This unique method also allows for a considerable increase in the quality of evaluation results, and thereby improves the quality of the qualitative comments written by the mystery shoppers.  Moreover, each person used matches exactly the socio-demographic profile of the evaluated company’s clientele.
The use of this method is unique to Lanla and represents a revolution in the industry of “mystery shopper” type marketing research.  That is why Lanla has over 100,000 mystery shoppers of various socio-demographic profiles, deployed mainly across Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick; but also across all of Canada.
Our mystery shopper programs will allow you to:

  • Understand the perceptions and expectations of your clients
  • Define the moments of truth in order to maximize your customer service efforts
  • Improve your operations in order to increase your profitability
  • Understand why you are gaining or losing clients
  • Ensure the uniformity and constancy of the delivery of your services
  • Contribute to improving your training processes
  • Reinforce expected employee behavior by means of reward programs
  • Understand the purchasing behavior of a new customer or of a regular customer
  • Make the best decisions regarding customer service
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