10 Overlooked Facts About Customer Reviews to Help You Improve Customer Service

10 Overlooked Facts About Customer Reviews to Help You Improve Customer Service

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Article published on

22 January 2019

The motivations behind customer reviews

We will never emphasize enough the value of customers’ qualitative reviews as a tool to enable companies to truly understand, not only the customer experience, but also the clients’ perception of their experience. Only then can an organization really know what its clientele is looking for and make the right efforts to provide an outstanding experience.

When presenting 10 misunderstood facts about customer reviews, Sabine Harnau focuses, among other things, on what drives customers to provide us with such valuable qualitative data.

While customer experience management companies and firms consider reviews as a great favour on the customers’ part, the latter’s motivations are less altruistic than one likes to imagine.

Indeed, research by Trustpilot has identified 5 reasons that encourage customers to share their reviews as a result of an interaction with a company:

  1. Venting the frustration caused by a poor experience
  2. Praising the company and supporting it after a good experience
  3. Self-expression and the sense of empowerment by sharing their views
  4. Getting recognition for their knowledge and tastes
  5. Belonging or contributing to a community

So, to encourage your customers to “donate” this invaluable data, Ashley Verrill from the CustomerSure blog recommends highlighting the use that will be made with the reviews that are collected and what the sharing of their impressions can bring to them.

You wish to give your customers the opportunity to express themselves on their experience with your company  or you are looking for an expertise to transform their reviews into operational tools ? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this further!

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