3 Essential Stages of Cultivating a Winning Customer Experience

3 Essential Stages of Cultivating a Winning Customer Experience

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05 September 2018

The customer experience occurs before, during and after the sale!

Customer experience holds a different meaning for people working in different sectors of a company. Some may see a crucial aspect of their job as THE key to a successful customer experience, whereas others can have the same perception about their own field of activities.

In the end, both may be right, since customer experience is divided in three essential stages: before the sale, during the sale and after the sale. The implementation of a corporate culture based on customer experience therefore implies that efforts be placed in each of these three stages.

  • Before the sale: The marketing team must create simple, appealing and relevant customer experiences, while ensuring that the brand’s goals are aligned with the expectations of potential customers.
  • During the sale: Once the customer has arrived, you must differentiate yourself from your competitors by focusing on the following:
    1. Creating a simple and easy path to purchase
    2. Answering as many customer questions as possible without requiring customers to contact you
    3. Explaining what will happen next
    4. Using technology to make the decision process simple and clear
    5. Backing up technology with the presence of actual salespeople
  • After the sale: Your customers expect you to thank them for their purchase, in addition to giving them the opportunity to express themselves on their level of satisfaction. You must also be proactive with your customers to better manage their expectations, for example with respect to the delivery times of the purchased product.

You would like to give your customers the opportunity to express themselves following their experience with your company? Do not hesitate to contact us to implement a satisfaction or VoC survey program.

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