5 New Customer Service Skills Your Employees Need (and How to Train Them Properly in 2019)

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06 February 2019

5 skills for delivering an outstanding customer experience … at a low cost!

The entrepreneur and speaker Michel Falcon presents 5 skills to focus on when training your customer facing teams to deliver an extraordinary customer experience, without ruining your company.

Understand the 3 customer personality types

Whether they are “directors”, “socializers” or even “passives”, customers respond in different ways to various customer experience approaches. It is therefore important to know what type of customer personality type you are dealing with and to adapt your approach to meet their particular expectations.


Since not being irritated easily is a quality that is developed with years of practice and awareness, it is best, when it comes to customer experience, to seek people who already present this behaviour rather than striving to instill this in a naturally impatient person.

Capture ideas and share them

The best ideas for improving customer experience most often arise from those who spend most of their time with them: customer facing employees. While saving on elaborate strategies, taking staff ideas into account is an excellent way to mobilize employees, especially when the selected ideas become company success stories!

Listen (collect customer information) and take action

The last two skills presented by the author are complementary in delivering an exceptional customer experience. They are about truly listening to customers to learn more about them from a personal point of view and then using these bits of information to make subtle, affordable and customized gestures that will resonate with customers for years.

You wish to instill these skills within your team? Contact us to discuss measurement and training options!

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