5 Psychology Tips to Deliver Better Customer Experience

5 Psychology Tips to Deliver Better Customer Experience

Mariana Ruiz



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13 September 2018

You cannot talk about the psychology of customer service without talking about emotions

One of the common traits between psychology and customer service is the contact with people with complex emotions. Not everyone behaves the same way, but the way consumers react to certain situations has many similarities. A better understanding of your customers’ needs and emotions will thus allow you to deliver a better customer experience.

Among other things, the author presents Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid in relation to customer service psychology. For example, at the top of the pyramid, the needs are mainly focused on ego and self. A great way to show appreciation towards your customers is to listen to them and give them attention through a Voice of Customer survey. Consumers who are aware of the importance you give them will feel more valued and more likely to be loyal.

It is important to keep in mind that the decisions consumers make are directly related to their emotions. Therefore, a positive customer experience will trigger consumers to make positive decisions regarding the brand, such as recommending the brand to friends or family. The author also addresses the Halo effect, a cognitive bias that affects our feelings and emotions towards something or someone. This Halo effect is mainly created by your brand’s reputation and by the first impressions during an interaction. These can last over time, mainly when they are negative impressions.

You wish to give your customers the opportunity to voice their opinion following their experience with your company? Do not hesitate to contact us to implement a satisfaction or VoC survey program.

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