Building Blocks of a Customer Experience Transformation Strategy

Building Blocks of a Customer Experience Transformation Strategy

Annette Franz


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27 February 2019

A solid customer experience strategy is based on building blocks

While customer experience is key to the success of businesses, implementing a customer-centric culture is a process that requires a solid foundation at all levels of the organization.

In this article, Annette Franz, Customer Experience Coach and Speaker, presents her six-tiered strategy composed of several blocks that represent the essential elements of a successful customer experience transformation.

Level 1: The foundation

Core business values, executive commitment, a true willingness to improve the customer experience, customer understanding, and several other elements constitute the foundation of a customer experience transformation; elements without which it is impossible to achieve a successful transformation.

Level 2: The core

A vision and the desired outcomes in terms of customer experience and advantages for the business constitute the heart of the transformation. They make up the essence of the strategy which cements the approach.

Level 3: Infrastructure

The implementation and facilitation of customer experience is based on people, processes, systems and tools. While tedious, it is absolutely necessary to identify and address problems at this level to build a solid structure.

Level 4: Action

Here we find the active elements of everyday life, the best practices in terms of contact with customers such as demonstrating uniqueness, customizing the experience, closing the loop, etc. which make concrete the achievement of the initial levels and which are discernible by customers and employees.

Level 5: Outcomes

Ideally representative of the elements identified at level 2 (the core), the outcomes can be an improvement for the business, client and/or employees.

Level 6: Success

Comparing the obtained outcomes with the objectives or benchmarks identified earlier in the process through a constant measurement of the outcomes.

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