Do happy employees really lead to happy customers?

Do happy employees really lead to happy customers?

Jeff Toister


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17 October 2018

Is the employee experience related to the satisfaction of your consumers?

“A happy employee leads to a happy customer!” This is a phrase that is often heard when it comes to employee experience. But is it really true?

The author Jeff Toister researched this topic by analyzing employer evaluations on Glassdoor. He focused on 20 companies that are best rated in terms of customer service in order to verify the accuracy of this popular saying.

Toister demonstrates that the companies, which perform well with regards to customer experience, are on average better evaluated by their employees than all the companies present on the site. This site also allows employees to note the likelihood that they would recommend a friend to work for their employer, an assessment that can be comparable to that of the NPS. The author found that the employees of these 20 companies would be more likely to recommend their employer to a relative (71%) than the average of the companies present on Glassdoor (49%).

Therefore, it is shown that there is indeed a correlation between the happiness of employees and that of consumers. However, J. Toister states that making employees happier will not automatically make customers more satisfied. The tools for measuring and managing customer and employee experience can then assist managers in making informed decisions in both areas.

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