Employee Experience Strategy: 3 Tips to Steal From Customer Service

Employee Experience Strategy: 3 Tips to Steal From Customer Service

Brian Westfall



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15 November 2018

3 strategies to adopt for a successful employee experience

Similarly to the customer experience, the employee experience plays an important role in the profitability of a company. Indeed, the level of employee satisfaction will have a direct impact on their willingness to recommend the business to relatives.

The line separating the customer experience and the employee experience  is increasingly thinner. Hence why it is essential to set up an employee experience strategy. The author presents us with 3 best practices to adopt in the employee experience, which are directly derived from strategies found in the customer experience.

1. Allow employees to speak in order to obtain their feedback

The VoE (voice of employee) is to employees what the VoC (voice of customer) is to consumers. In order to deliver an optimal employee experience, the comments and opinions of employees are essential. Otherwise, how do you make a true diagnosis and find effective solutions?

2. Create “employee personas” to customize the approach

Using the data collected through various feedback channels, it is possible to segment types of employees in order to adapt to each one and offer them a unique experience.

3. Map out an “employee journey”

The employee life cycle exists in the same manner as that of a customer. Mapping the employee journey is indeed essential. From their hiring date to the day of their departure, there are key moments where efforts placed need to be more important to achieve a quality employee experience.

Focusing on the employee experience not only increases the level of employee commitment towards the business, but also makes them brand ambassadors. Therefore, their satisfaction must be one of the priorities of any company.

You wish to implement an employee experience program within your company? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.

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