How Do You Keep Up With Customer Expectations?

How Do You Keep Up With Customer Expectations?

Colin Shaw


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22 August 2018

How are your customers’ expectations formed and how do you meet them?

Each consumer has their own expectations in relation to a company’s customer experience. But how do we define these expectations? Professor Ryan Hamilton states that customers develop “reference points” i.e. standards by which they base their assessment of an experience. Consumers therefore compare their current experience with a previous experience with a company or even a competitor. This previous experience thus becomes the reference point from which the new experience will be compared.

In order to meet your customers’ expectations, you must try to understand their reference points. However, it is more complex than it seems since consumers are not always aware of the origin of each of their reference points.

So how do you keep up with your customers’ expectations? Colin Shaw shares three pieces of advice:

  • Measure the customer experience: Whether by analyzing your competitors or by monitoring your customers’ feedback through your customer experience programs (VoC survey, mystery shopper program, etc.), research is one of the most effective ways to learn about your customers’ expectations.
  • Measure continuously: Consumers’ tastes and expectations change over time. It is therefore important to implement a continuous customer experience measurement program to stay on the lookout for these changes.
  • Pay attention to the results of your research: Implementing customer experience measurement programs is a good start, but you must still listen to the results obtained and take the necessary actions to improve the customer experience.

You wish to implement a satisfaction or VoC survey program or a mystery shopper program within your company? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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