Mystery Shopping ROI: Linking Restroom Cleanliness to Revenue

Mystery Shopping ROI: Linking Restroom Cleanliness to Revenue

Doug Smith


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21 November 2018

When restroom cleanliness affects your customers’ experience.

Have you ever heard the expression “The kitchens of a restaurant are as clean as their restrooms”? While this would seem trivial, or even given, this aspect is in fact one of the key elements to consider when measuring customer experience. The author, Doug Smith, highlights that clean, well-stocked restrooms are key factors in determining the satisfaction experienced within your company, and as a result, directly affect your revenue.

However, it should not be inferred that your customers’ satisfaction is directly proportional to the efforts made to ensure the cleanliness and stocking of restrooms. On the contrary, we must understand that the cleanliness and the appropriate stocking of restrooms are givens for your customers. Indeed, if there is adequate maintenance, your customers will be satisfied with their visit to the restroom but will not make it the central element of their experience. On the other hand, if your restrooms are dirty and poorly stocked, you expose yourself to customer dissatisfaction and this element, although of trivial appearance, could also become the number one dissatisfaction with regards to your company. Thus, maintaining certain quality and compliance standards becomes a vital element of a positive customer experience within your institution.

The implementation of a mystery shopper program is an effective way to measure these standards in each of your points of service. You wish to set up a mystery shopper program within your company? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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