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30 January 2019

Relationship marketing: a symbiosis between sales and customer experience

As customer experience experts, over the past fifteen years, we have been helping companies of all sizes and in all sectors to attract and retain customers by offering not just a product or service, but an experience. Proclaimed by companies around the world, the need for a successful customer experience has been rooted at the deepest levels of businesses.

Indeed, in order to aim for a customer-centered corporate culture, efforts must be focused on taking care of customers right from the beginning up until the end of the relationship.

Among other things, this reality can be seen in the evolution of marketing itself, as there has been a shift from “promotional” marketing to “relationship” marketing. Jordane Feuillet presents 12 key words to identify this new commercial current. Among them, 3 terms perfectly define the symbiosis between sales and customer experience:

  1. Customer dialogue: We stray from the unidirectional model where the company pushes its products and services to stimulate sales. We focus on the exchange, the possibility of truly helping customers to solve their problems or fulfill their needs to create a relationship of trust.
  2. Lifetime value: The focus is on creating a long-term relationship. Even if customers do not immediately purchase or each time customers come into contact with the company, focusing on the relationship will result in greater loyalty and an increase in the average basket through customized offers.
  3. Customer satisfaction: We cannot overlook this – not all satisfied customers are loyal to a company, but loyal customers are usually satisfied. The customer relationship, with a constant aim for customer satisfaction, paves the way for brand image optimization and the creation of ambassadors (as well as a reduction in detractors).

The key to measuring the success of relationship marketing? The measurement and management of customer experience!

Would you like to know how your relationship with your customers is doing? Contact us for more information!

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