Why 2019 Is All About Trust For Brands And Consumers


Olivier Njamfa



Customer experience

Loyalty and retention

Article published on

19 February 2019

A little survival guide to the customer experience trust crisis

Trust is experiencing a difficult time these days, both on the public and political scene as well as the commercial scene. This article presents the state of consumer trust regarding companies as well as some tips to take care of this important aspect of customer experience in order to win and maintain consumer loyalty.

A real issue

In the past, trust was an element that was considered marginal in the success drivers list. Today, trust in businesses is declining, whether due to a lack of client data security, bad behaviour on the managers’ part or other incidents which cause a company to look bad (and be made public by traditional or social media). This decline in trust has measurable effects on business profitability.

It is therefore essential to take consumer trust seriously; to take it into account in decisions and to measure it in order to readjust accordingly.

Building a solid foundation

In order to build trust, companies must go back to customer experience basics.

  • Ensure consistency in terms of messages, products and service
  • Volunteer trustworthy and useful information
  • Simplify your customers’ life, reduce the effort required from them (Customer Effort Score)
  • Listen to customers, truly consider their challenges and take concrete actions with regards to their feedback (VoC)

You wish to know what your customers think of your company or you wish to strengthen your staff’s or your managers’ customer experience skills? Contact us to discuss measurement and training options that are available to you!

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