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General information

We are always interested in recruiting mystery shoppers from all regions of Quebec and Canada. To register, you can submit your application directly online. Once registered, we will confirm everything quickly.

Once accepted as a mystery shopper, you have no obligation to do a maximum or a minimum of mission every year. It’s entirely up to you. All we ask from you is to carefully read the scenario of each mission before selecting it and to respect the time allowed to complete it. It is also strongly recommended that you only choose missions that really interest you so that your assessment is representative of a real client for the evaluated company.

Each mission is different and the salary can vary between $ 10 and $ 40. Some missions have no salary (online survey) but once completed, your name is automatically entered for a draw. The prizes to be won vary (eg cash, subscription to a training center, gift baskets, …).

You can cancel your registration at any time. Simply contact us by phone or email and your request will be processed within 24 hours.

What is a mystery shopper?

What is a mystery shopper?

Mystery shoppers are real consumers except that, in addition to shopping or making their purchases as usual, they also measure the quality of service offered at the visited establishment.

What factors determine the success of a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper’s main purpose is to contribute and help a business improve. The mystery shopper’s mandate does not in any case imply spying or punishment. A good mystery shopper knows how to observe and listen! Obviously, stringent adherence to professional ethics plays a very important part in carrying out this work.

Becoming a mystery shopper

Do I need to complete any training to become a mystery shopper?

The only trainings required are the ones on Lanla Marketing Research’s website. First of all, in order to activate your mystery shopper account, you must complete a short training (less than 20 minutes), the purpose of which is to make you aware of the behaviors to emulate to become an excellent mystery shopper. Secondly, once you are ready to choose a mission that interests you, you will be made aware of the guidelines to respect in order to accomplish the mission correctly.

Do I need to pay to become a mystery shopper?

No! On the contrary, once you have completed all the steps of the screening process (e.g., registration, evaluation, training, etc.), you will be paid for the missions you accomplish.

How do I proceed in order to become a mystery shopper?

You must simply register by completing an online application.

Do I need experience to be hired as a mystery shopper?

Whether you enjoy going to the restaurant from time to time, making purchases in a shopping center or simply putting gas in your car, you have the required experience to become a mystery shopper. In addition, if the idea of helping the companies that you visit motivates you, you have an excellent chance of succeeding as a mystery shopper.

What happens after I complete an online application to become a mystery shopper?

If your application is accepted, we will invite you to complete a short online training which will take less than 20 minutes of your time. After having completed this step, you will become an active mystery shopper, ready to choose missions that arouse your interest.

The work of a mystery shopper

How many hours of work per month does being a mystery shopper involve?

On average, a mystery shopper completes 1 to 3 missions per month. Thus, becoming a mystery shopper at Lanla Marketing Research is not a career opportunity, but it offers you the opportunity to make some extra money and to contribute to the quality of service while enjoying new experiences.

How does a person go a bout completing a mission?

Once you connect to your mystery shopper account, you have access to view available missions from your home page. You also have access to information on these missions: eligibility conditions, available branches, salary offered, scenario to follow, deadlines for submitting your evaluation online. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose one or several missions that arouse your interest, and that are located in your area. The entire process of selecting a mission and submitting your results takes place online, via an Internet connection.

What is a mystery shopper “mission”?

The “mission” is simply the name given to a visit that you conduct as a mystery shopper while following the guidelines as set out in the scenario to follow.

If I am hired as a mystery shopper, am I considered an employee of Lanla?

As a mystery shopper, you are a full-fledged member of Lanla Marketing Research’s large team. On the other hand, with respect to the fiscal laws in force in Quebec and in Canada, a mystery shopper is not considered an employee but rather a self-employed worker. As such, you will not receive T4 slips from us. It is therefore your responsibility whether to declare, or not, the amounts that we pay you. Obviously, all expenses that you incur in the course of carrying out your mission (e.g., purchase, mileage expenses, etc.) are also deductible from the amounts received.

What is the purpose of mystery shopper missions?

The missions serve to measure the quality of service offered in the different establishments of a group. Afterward, the information is compiled into statistics which are delivered to the clients (e.g., head office). Your perception as a consumer, your opinions, and your comments are therefore very valuable to these companies because they enable them to better understand your customer experience. You thereby contribute to improving the customer service offered in their branches.

How are the missions assigned to the mystery shoppers?

All the available missions are accessible by login into your Lanla account. By clicking on an available mission, you have access to all the information related to this mission (e.g., salary, scenario…). You are the one who decides whether or not to choose a mission based on your interests and your availability.

Can I work full-time as a mystery shopper?

No! At Lanla, the opportunity to perform evaluations is seen as a privilege rather than a job. It is also an activity that you do part-time, according to your preferences and availability.

Also, please note that in order to ensure the highest quality of results for our clients we follow a system of rotation for the missions. Our objective is to collect your impressions as a customer rather than the judgement of a highly experienced evaluator. Therefore, within a short period (i.e., one month), a mystery shopper will not be able to perform multiple evaluations for the same company (unless advised otherwise). This rotation system, in addition to maintaining your impressions as a customer, increases your chances of choosing other missions.

Mystery shopper salary & expenses

When am I paid once I have accomplished a mission?

The payments and reimbursements are processed every other week. Payment of the salary and of the eventual per diem is processed if all the guidelines of the mission have been followed (e.g., receipt required, date of the visit respected, direct deposit application completed, etc.). The salaries of all mystery shoppers are paid by direct deposit, without exception. This payment system used by the banks is simple and secure.

Am I reimbursed for my expenses?

Reimbursed amounts are scoped in the details of the assignment before you accept it. Other expenses such as time required to complete the mission and transportation (e.g., Km) are generally at the mystery shopper’s expense.

What is the remuneration of a mystery shopper?

All the details pertaining to the salary, reimbursement, discounts, and prizes to be won are available when you consult the missions. The vast majority of the missions include a fixed-rate payment (i.e., established in advance) which is usually set between $15 and $40 per mission. Certain missions also include a discount if you purchase a product or a service.

How does the remunerations of a mystery shopper work?

The mystery shopper is remunerated for each mission accomplished (according to the parameters). The salaries, as well as the perdiem, are always clearly indicated at the beginning of each mission. Furthermore, you always have the opportunity to either accept or refuse a certain type of mission.

About Lanla Marketing Research

Who are Lanla’s clients?

Lanla is a fast-growing company. The majority of our clients are large companies operating in the retail industry. Our client base is active in various sectors, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail sales (e.g., boutiques, superstores)
  • Sports centers
  • Gas stations
  • Etc.

Why do companies use the services of Lanla?

Our clients use our services to help them improve the quality of service offered at their establishments. By using our team of mystery shoppers, we offer them the possibility to evaluate, measure, and compare the quality of service offered to their customers. In other words, we become their eyes and ears.

I do not know you and I have never heard of your company. How can I be sure that Lanla really exists and that it is legal and registered?

Lanla has been in business since 2002. It is our pleasure to help you obtain more information about our company via a government authority. We thus invite you to consult the Quebec Enterprise Register which stores all the documents related to Lanla. In order to do this, please click on the link below (in French only).

You will then have to enter our NEQ (Quebec Enterprise Number): 1161026381

Registraire des entreprises du Québec

Our doors are always open for you to come and meet our team at our office. We are always happy to meet our mystery shoppers!

I recently received an e-mail or visited a blog that featured the name of your company and that asked me to send money. Was this fraud?

Indeed, this is fraud because Lanla never asks for money from its mystery shoppers. Lanla is an honest and safe company. We comply with all government laws and standards with great strictness. We also take very seriously this type of fraud that could tarnish our company’s reputation. Therefore, we have contacted the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and a file has been opened. This file is open to the general public so that any fraudulent use of our name can be reported and thus be liable to legal prosecution.

If you have been a victim of this type of scam, we invite you to contact the RCMP at 1-888-495-8501 referring to file #554719. You will then be able to transmit any document related to this fraud to the RCMP in order to help with their investigation. We also appreciate your keeping us informed of the situation by calling 1-866-333-5265.

Other questions

Do I need to have a computer at home to become a mystery shopper?

Although it is more practical, it is not necessary to have a computer at home. You could use your computer at work, at a friend’s home, or even at an Internet café. The only real requirement to become a mystery shopper is to have a valid e-mail address and the possibility to access it regularly.

Do I need to purchase computer software to complete a mission?

No, there is no software to purchase. You must, however, use standard Internet browsers like Microsoft Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

I recently submitted an application online and have not received any missions. Is it normal?

Please connect to your Lanla account using your username (your email adress) and the password you chose when you registered, in order to choose one or more missions that interest you.

Can my family and friends become mystery shoppers?

Yes, and we encourage it. We are constantly looking for new mystery shoppers to meet the growing needs of our clients. However, each individual have to create their own mystery shopper account in order to select missions that interest them. Please also note that two mystery shoppers residing at the same address cannot perform the same missions.

Can we be accompanied when carrying out missions?

Yes actually, you can be accompanied during a mission. However, you are the one who must complete the online questionnaire and your evaluation must be based solely on your own customer experience.

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