Consistency in Business: When Stability Goes Hand-In-Hand With Profitability!

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Christian Watier

Président & Chief Science Officer

Mr. Watier holds a Doctorate from Université Laval, a Post-Doctorate in Experimental Psychology from Carleton University and has authored numerous scientific publications. He has a strong academic background and impressive experience in the fields of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods, research, psychometrics, cognitive psychology, and perception. He also holds two masters in business administration (EMBA from Montreal and Paris).

Consistency in Business

When Stability Goes Hand-In-Hand With Profitability!

Consistency in business, a KPI in customer experience

Consistency in business is a key performance indicator in customer experience, which is not very well known but so important nonetheless! Wrongly associated with a lack of customization and an almost “robotic” standardization, the concept of consistency often gets a bad rap. However, based on studies carried out in the field of customer experience, when consistency is well integrated within a network comprised of multiple points of service (e.g.: a franchise) or even within an independent business, it is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the business as well as its profitability (an increase in sales and a decrease in costs). That is why most large businesses in North America have made it a key indicator within their customer experience measurement and management programs, which they monitor and improve upon. In spite of this, several still confuse consistency with trite and monotonous standardization. Therefore, it seems relevant to shed some light on the basic principles of the concept.

At the end of this article, which is primarily a summary of the concept of consistency, the reader will understand the cornerstones and origins of consistency, grasp its significance and master the elements allowing to maximise its use and impact.

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