Leader in customer experience since 2002

Our Firm

Lanla, the leader in customer experience

Founded in 2002, Lanla is a marketing research firm specializing in measuring and managing the customer experience. Our team of experts and avant-garde methods have become vital to Quebec companies and executives seeking to reposition their customer experience. Whether to revise a company’s strategy, update service standards, develop a business culture centred on the customer experience, or to determine, understand and meet customer needs and expectations, measure the behaviour of customers in their natural environment (in a store for instance), or measure the economic impact of decisions, Lanla’s team of specialists is unmatched.

At Lanla, our goal is simple: increase your company’s performance and profitability. Our method: achieve a better understanding of your customers.

Our tools and methodological approaches are vastly superior to the studies and surveys offered by our competitors. In fact, we draw all information relevant to your customers directly from the heart of your operations. Our tools are powerful and our recommendations are immediately profitable.

Services provided by an experienced team

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of experienced and dynamic professionals, specialized in the fields of customer satisfaction, marketing, industrial psychology, psychometrics, statistics, project management, and training.

Furthermore, what really makes our company unique is our army of panelists in Canada. Recruited and trained in line with specific criteria, we have over 200,000 mystery shoppers of different socio-demographic profiles ready to adequately and efficiently meet the needs of each one of our clients across Canada!

A vision unique to the industry

The quest for excellence in quality of service has long been established as a key to corporate success. However, offering quality of service at a competitive level on a daily basis is still a difficult objective to meet. At Lanla, our keen business sense has enabled us to acquire an unmatched level of expertise in the management of customer satisfaction. Far surpassing the simple notion of coaching, our customized and progressive solutions integrate advanced measurement concepts, interactivity, as well as the training of personnel and management. We firmly believe that the synergy between your expertise and our experience in customer experience can significantly improve the performance of your organization.

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