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Move to the next level with complete utilization of your databases and identify customer experience levers for optimal performance

In this age of Big Data, companies have several sources of data at their disposal, but do not necessarily know how to maximize their use. Lanla has a team of professionals at your service to support you in the analysis and understanding of your data to turn the latter into operational tools. We process your data to yield assumptions that allow you to deepen your knowledge of the market and your clientele.

If the statistics are boring, you’ve got the wrong numbers. – Edward Tufte

Why use Lanla’s services to analyze your data?

Many companies do not have the resources required to analyze the flow of data they collect either due to budgetary or even human constraints. Lanla therefore provides your team with punctual support by handling your data banks in order to maximize learnings and allow your organization to gain a better understanding of the market and consumers. Our team of professionals will steer you towards the best statistical analysis methods to answer your questions and to understand the underlying reasons for consumer behaviour in a simple and intelligible way.

Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice. –  Stephen Few

Identifying the most promising levers of customer experience will enable you to focus your resources on the most decisive vectors and allow your organization to advance to the next level. Above all, we contribute to giving meaning to your data and to telling the story of your brand through them: where you stand and what to do to achieve your goals.

Do you use your unstructured data?

The amount of unstructured data increases at a frantic rate every year, either through text, images or even videos. Lanla can provide you with a detailed and rigorous analysis of the unstructured data you collect through your surveys, social media or customer service. Thanks to an advanced software, which combines artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Lanla brings meaning to this written data to make it intelligible for your organization.

The trend analysis of expressed feelings, of key concepts, but also of the subtleties of language, such as the irony present on social networks for example, allow you to transform unstructured data into business intelligence. Your customers’ feedback is therefore fully considered in your business decisions, regardless of its volume, without complicating the decision-making process.

The Lanla Edge

  • A team of analysis and statistics experts to make the most of your data
  • An ability to analyze your unstructured data thanks to artificial intelligence
  • A better understanding of customer experience levers
With their expertise in customer experience management, Lanla contributes directly to the increase of performance of our franchise network and has been doing so for over 10 years!

Michel Leclair

Vice President Operation, Retail sales

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