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Creating a customer-centric company culture

Are you looking to increase the awareness of your managers and employees to the importance of the customer experience and get them involved in building a customer-centric culture? Christian Watier, President and Chief Science Officer at Lanla, delivers talks at one-off events for all Lanla’s business customers and at a variety of major business conventions.

Every year at our annual congress and at our general meetings, we save a keynote slot for Mr. Watier. He has an extraordinary natural stage presence and always picks great topics year after year. His appearances contribute to the success of not only the event but the entire company!

Valérie Roy, Executive director at Énergie Cardio

A high-level keynote speaker

Mr. Watier holds a doctorate from Laval University and a post‑doctorate in experimental psychology from Carleton University. Author of numerous scientific publications, he also holds two master’s degrees in business administration (Montreal and Paris).

Co‑owner of Lanla since 2003, Mr. Watier is a sought-after speaker and presenter. He has given over 200 conferences and training courses across Canada on measuring and managing the customer and employee experience.

A skilled orator, Mr. Watier popularizes key customer experience concepts and proposes concrete actions to improve both customer satisfaction and your company’s profitability. His talks are built around your specific circumstances or results and thus ensure the engagement of the audience.

Our partners and suppliers always look forward to hearing Christian Watier speak at our annual summit. You’d be hard-pressed to find another speaker who can get audiences as interested in examining results and analyses as he does!

François Beaudry, Co-president of Groupe Beaudry

A stress-free way to prepare a talk on the customer experience

Before proposing a talk, we make sure that we have understood your goals, your target audience, and the right tone to use. Every talk can be personalized through the use of examples from your own company or industry. As a final step, we always go over the content of your presentation with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

A few examples of popular talks

By constantly monitoring all things customer experience, we create talks enhanced by real-world examples and in tune with the latest trends.

  • The importance of measuring the customer experience: You can’t improve what you don’t measure!
  • The customer experience in banner networks—consistency is key
  • Customer experience and employee experience: Higher employee engagement plus higher customer satisfaction equals higher company profits
  • The customer experience: Tips and tricks for maximizing sales
  • Customer experience is everyone’s business!
  • Perceptions of value and the customer experience
  • Generational marketing—understanding your customers and using tactics that speak to all generations
  • Customer experience and artificial intelligence—a revolution made for businesses
  • Managing detractors

Lanla’s team of presentation experts

Alongside Mr. Watier, we have an entire team of seasoned experts at your disposal. They can help you share results and mobilize your troops to meet specific goals, alert your network to issues and brainstorm solutions, or even celebrate improvements and wins. Whether through talks, results presentations, or training workshops, our senior team puts its communications expertise to work for all types of audiences, from small groups of executives to vast networks of first-line stakeholders (200 to 1,000 people).

The Lanla Edge

  • Christian Watier: exceptional speaker, orator, and popularizer
  • A team of experts in research, marketing, psychology, and organizational development
  • Continual monitoring of customer experience and employee trends
  • Personalized talks that address the realities of your business and industry
At Groupe Maurice, we make customer experience not only a priority, but one of the core values ​​of our corporate culture. Lanla accompanies and supports us in our quest to provide an exceptional living environment for our retired residents.
Luc Maurice Groupe Maurice

Luc Maurice


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