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Your customers: the voice you can’t ignore!

Improving your customer experience necessarily involves listening to what your consumers have to say. In a service economy where the customer experience is increasingly important, it is no longer possible to be successful without paying close attention to how your customers perceive your business.

See your business through your customers’ eyes!

We offer you the expertise of an experienced team that will oversee the entire customer survey process, including creating the questionnaire, carefully analyzing the data, and presenting you with the results and insightful recommendations. You will end up with the information you need to develop a marketing or operational action plan centred on the most important people in your business: your customers.

Here are just some of the customer surveys we offer:

  • Streaming or one-time satisfaction surveys
  • Perception studies to assess your products and services
  • Sociodemographic profiles of your customers and persona construction
  • Brand awareness, equity, and engagement
  • Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Studies of buying behaviour and expectations
  • In-depth customer satisfaction analyses based on the Tetraclasse Model

Proven measurement tools and methods

Lanla combines specialized knowledge of research methods with cutting-edge technology to carry out many types of customer satisfaction surveys. Our research team is equipped to conduct a range of personalized surveys, whether among the list of customers you provide or through our Canada-wide consumer panel of over 200,000 individuals.

We cannot improve what we do not measure

Customer Survey Results

Streaming satisfaction surveys

Streaming satisfaction surveys provide a snapshot of your customers’ satisfaction level at key points in your various processes and channels. They measure customer satisfaction following a transaction or experience with your organization on an ongoing basis so that consumers have a way to share their opinions with you directly instead of systematically resorting to social media.

You can invite your customers to complete your survey—a fully customized questionnaire designed to reflect your business—using automated emails or reminders printed directly on your receipts. We use our expertise to ensure that your measurement tool produces key customer experience indicators that you can track in real time.

What’s more, your survey is backed by a powerful VoC & customer feedback management platform to which both you and your managers have access. In addition to making it possible to continually monitor customer satisfaction, this platform allows you to respond to your detractors promptly to recover them and turn them into promoters.

Learn more about our VoC & customer feedback management platform

The Lanla edge

  • A consumer panel with 200,000+ survey-taking members—which makes our studies the most geographically representative of their kind in Canada
  • A seasoned team of marketing research and business intelligence analysts capable of interpreting, analyzing, and presenting your data with unrivalled precision
  • Measurement tools that capture high-quality data thanks to our in-depth knowledge of psychometrics
  • Advice and guidance every step of the way
For Groupe Germain Hotels, Lanla's expertise contributes to the excellence of the customer experience within our facilities, making it a partner of choice.
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