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Find out what consumers think of your services thanks to a Customer Mystery Shopper Program!

Our customer mystery shopper programs allow you not only to measure how well the service standards set by your organization are applied by all your staff, but also to know your customers’ perceptions and satisfaction of your service delivery.

We have a panel of over 200,000 mystery shoppers in Canada!

Based on a methodology unique to Lanla, each evaluation is carried out by different customers, who are already clients of your company or interested in becoming so! Result: an unbiased and accurate measure of the customer experience based on criteria that is as important to you as it is to them. You will then be able to identify your main priorities in order to exert the maximum impact on your customers.

Benefit from tangible results

Our consumer mystery shopper program results in an in-depth analysis of the data collected to draw tangible results. You will then be ready to set up concrete action plans to improve your customer experience. Indeed:

Mystery Shopper Platform
  • Focus your efforts and investments on the most significant elements of the customer experience through a detailed statistical analysis of your results that identify the Expectation Curve and the Moments of Truth
  • Monitor the progression of powerful customer satisfaction indexes such as the Customer Experience Index, the Net Promoter Score, the Customer Effort Score and your Moments of Truth
  • Compare the results of all your network’s branches and rigorously monitor your Consistency Index i.e. your company’s guarantee of sustainability!
  • Adjust your service standards according to your customers’ perceptions and expectations
  • Increase your revenue and reduce operating costs with expert analyst advice and recommendations

See your business from another perspective… your customer’s way!

Ensure the consistency of your standards thanks to a professional mystery shopper program

Whether it be within a network of several points of service or within a single establishment, consistency is a guarantee of security for the customer and contributes to the sustainability of the company. Implement a Consistency mystery shopper program and ensure compliance of preferred operational and service standards throughout your network. Benefit from professional mystery shoppers across the country who are trained according to your specific needs. They will monitor several criteria throughout your various points of service, and with the utmost discretion.

Examine your competitors’ practices and stay on track in terms of customer experience!

You invest in customer experience, your competitors also! This is the reason why consumers are increasingly demanding. Make use of our mystery shopper panel to discover the best practices in your industry. Through these mystery shoppers, learn where your customer experience stands in relation to that of your competitors and surpass the competition with innovative strategies.

You invest in customer experience, so do your competitors!

Dashboards updated in real time

Accessible to key members of your organization, our Mystery Shopper Platform is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly tool that allows for a detailed monitoring of mystery shopper evaluation results in real-time. Obtain an overall view of your network’s performance or view reports per region, manager or branch. To find out more

The Lanla Edge

  • Rigorous quality control process of mystery evaluations
  • Results available in real time through a Web platform
  • Concrete action plans to quickly drive your results
Mystery Shopper Results Platform
Lanla's mystery shopper program and support in developing the skills of our teams make it a key partner in the success of our mission: to enchant and delight Aéroports de Montréal's clientele.
Luc-Charbonneau ADMTL

Luc Charbonneau

Director, Commercial, Parking and Ground Transportation

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