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NPS Benchmark Studies

Position your customer experience in relation to your competitors and implement effective action plans to propel you to the top

A comprehensive study of your Net Promoter Score and those of the main competitors in your industry allows you to seize market opportunities and threats. In fact, you will be able to propose actions and budgets to ensure the current and future competitiveness of your organization.

Do you know how you compare on the market in terms of customer experience?

Why complete a NPS benchmark study with Lanla?

Recognized as an expert partner in the field of customer experience for more than 15 years, the Lanla team can carry out a NPS benchmark study, which will provide an accurate and representative picture of the reality of your company and competitors as perceived by consumers. You will obtain a comprehensive measure that will allow you to fully understand how your customer experience compares to that of your competitors among different target groups and according to your market share. You will then be able to identify the consumers that are most favourable to you, in order to optimize your customer acquisition activities.

Enrich your business plan with a NPS Benchmark Study

The comparative measurement of your NPS will also allow you to uncover the customer experience axes in which you perform best and those in which your competitors also obtain good results. Understanding the facets of customer experience and trends in your product and service category is essential in guiding your budgets and development plans.

Operational vision

A concrete and operational vision

This complementary measure to your internal diagnosis allows you to have a broader perspective on the development of your business. We recommend that you do it ahead of your annual business plan and strategic orientations. Your decisions will then be informed by the reality of the market where there is fierce competition: that of customer experience.

In addition, we recommend adding an open statement to uncover the justifications behind the NPS measurement. Consumer feedback will allow you to effectively grasp the strengths and relational irritants that stand out in the minds of consumers. Indeed, several interactions occur during customer experience, but some elements will persist over time. It is essential to first tackle the latter in order to increase customer retention.

Access Christian Watier’s Insights Series on the Net Promoter Score

The Lanla Edge

  • A thorough understanding of the NPS diagnosis
  • A recognized expertise in retail
  • Canada specific standards
Lanla is a dedicated partner for the implementation and development of the customer experience culture. They help distinguish us from other insurance companies, in particular by its expertise in customer experience management and its interactive survey platform.
Jean-Routhier SSQ

Jean Routhier

Senior Director - Customer Experience and Innovation

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