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You’ve noticed absenteeism, late arrivals or lack of participation and would like to fix it, or your management values no longer coincide with those of the new generation, but you are unable to adapt? With our employee engagement surveys, we identify the elements that hinder the mobilization of your team in order to help you set up an employee experience program that will galvanize your teams.

When was the last time you conducted a survey to assess your employee satisfaction rate?


A clear picture of your teams’ mobilization______

Why measure employee experience with Lanla?

The success of an employee experience measurement approach is based first and foremost on the employee participation rate, otherwise it is impossible to get an accurate picture of the situation and to address the elements that affect the organizational climate. Lanla emerges as a neutral auxiliary, thus avoiding the games and power issues that could hinder the approach.

Our expertise, rich of a 15-year experience in supporting companies, guarantees you a superior service.

With a strong expertise in business intelligence, our team knows how to identify the most important elements in the eye of the employees and which have the greatest impact on their mobilization.

Flexible collection methods

We favour a flexible approach to exploit all the available means for reaping your employees’ opinions. Whether it’s an external distribution by email, a connection via a URL or a hybrid alternative, we adapt to your needs and reality to achieve complete and meaningful results.

Get a 360° portrait

Our surveys allow you to get a portrait of your employees’ satisfaction based on the great pillars of the employee experience used to identify the levers of a clear action plan:

A 360 degree portrait
  • Mission and objectives of the company: Assess the understanding of customer experience as well as the company’s values and mission among your employees
  • General satisfaction: Discover how satisfied your employees are with their personal development, their level of happiness, well-being and pride.
  • Salary/remuneration: Validate your employees’ perception of their working conditions and the consideration of the performance they receive from you.
  • Relationship with co-workers: Take the pulse of the quality of the interactions between your team members and their sense of collaboration and mutual respect.
  • Autonomy provided by employment: Take note of your employees’ opinions of the training they received, the quality of their work and the variety of their tasks.
  • Organizational communication: Confirm the clarity of the explanations and expectations communicated as well as change management within the organization.

Our surveys are also customized to determine effective operational solutions in the eyes of your employees and to help you prioritize measures to be taken according to employees’ expectations, moments of truth, and even more.

The Lanla Edge

  • A customized annual or bi-annual approach.
  • Responsive tools that can be used to highlight the levers of engagement among your employees.
  • Methods that allow time for managers to plan, to act and to monitor the established action plan.
Committed partner and anxious to meet our expectations, Lanla contributes significantly to the increase in quality of customer service in our various sales channels with their technological tools and their ability to influence and help our network evolve its customer experience.

Richard Scofield


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