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Organizational Diagnosis

Optimize your results by knowing more about your business and your employees !

Lanla helps you paint an objective portrait of your current situation in order to target your challenges and propose solutions that are truly adapted to your needs. Whether it is knowing the real strengths and weaknesses of your business, validating the optimality of your operational process, or updating your standards, from both an overall organizational perspective and more specific sectors such as a department or even a team, we evaluate the health status of your services to identify the strengths, dysfunctions as well as the axes for improvement.

Switch from strategy to action______

Between a rock and a hard place

Whether it is due to too much proximity to the business’s daily routine or because employees prefer to ignore certain elements they notice, it can be difficult for managers to obtain a fair view of internal situations occurring in their organization, and even more so to improve on the problematic elements!

Our team is dedicated to your team’s success

Our team of experts analyzes your needs to develop a measurement strategy and tools to collect objective, reliable and thorough data, from both your company’s management and employees. Our professionals analyze your results to offer you recommendations based on your company’s actual situation, when presenting the results to your management team.

The art of success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best. – John F. Kennedy

What distinguishes Lanla’s expertise in the realization of your organizational diagnosis, is that in addition to offering you our specialists’ neutral and objective perspective, we act as an extension of your company, a partner entirely dedicated to the quality of your employee experience, which is crucial in attaining excellence in customer experience. We work passionately to achieve one goal: to help you meet, and even surpass, your employees’ and customers’ expectations.

A concrete action plan for a greater employee experience

Our experts accompany you in the planning of concrete and tailored actions based on the organizational diagnosis of the employee experience in order to optimize the mobilization of your employees in an observable way.

A goal without a plan is only a wish. − Saint-Exupéry

We establish an action plan that is customized to your needs and phased in concrete steps that are easily implemented. In order to assess the impact of the measures implemented within your teams, we ensure that each objective is specific, measurable, realistic and achievable within a reasonable time.

The Lanla Edge

  • Optimal solutions according to the real needs of your organization
  • Improvement in the work environment
  • Better retention of your employees
  • Improved performance In customer experience
At Groupe Maurice, we make customer experience not only a priority, but one of the core values ​​of our corporate culture. Lanla accompanies and supports us in our quest to provide an exceptional living environment for our retired residents.
Luc Maurice Groupe Maurice

Luc Maurice


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