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Training & Workshops

Well trained to serve better

Our skill development services for staff and managers provide you with the required momentum to increase the quality of your customer service in an autonomous and continuous manner.

The customer experience begins with your employees

Give your teams the means to impress you with renewed efficiency and increased sensitivity to the importance of customer relationships, through training programs that are customized to the reality of your business.

Measurement, training, improvement ! ______

A tool that generates satisfaction, loyalty and profitability

Based on the recommendations emerging from customer experience or even employee experience measurement programs, our clients generally demonstrate the will to improve their performance in terms of customer service.

Our customer experience measurement programs identify opportunities for improvement to orient our trainings according to your needs

Hence the reason why Lanla offers training services, an effective tool for ensuring sustainable improvement in the skills and performance of your managers and staff.

Training and workshops

A well-trained team ensures results

Investing in your team’s skills means ensuring the long-term profitability of your organization.

  • Skill development, employee mobilization and retention.
  • Continuous improvement in the management of the customer experience and loyalty.
  • Increase in profitability.

Our team of experts designs customized programs and our dynamic approach concretely adapts to your needs. Whether it is a game-based experiential training or a customized awareness session, Lanla is always well-equipped to offer you services that guarantee positive results.

Not to mention mobilized employees !

We also offer training programs based on the employee experience and structured around the review of a company’s vision and values, workforce planning as well as group and management teams coaching. These workshops, which are greatly appreciated by our clients, are proven to improve the work environment and increase employee engagement, which in turn has a direct impact on the organization’s performance as well as the customer experience.

Lanla does more for your teams

In addition, all our training programs and workshops are accompanied by follow-up measures to maximize their effectiveness. You can always count on trainings and workshops that are thought out by our team of specialists especially for you. The advantages of Lanla’s training programs and workshops are:

  • Versatility: We use a wide range of intervention and awareness tools
  • Customization: The content is adapted to your company and your context
  • FlexibIlity: Our training programs are modular according to the participants (employees or managers) and their availability.
  • AccessibIlity: We use playful, concrete and engaging techniques.
Lanla is a dedicated partner for the implementation and development of the customer experience culture. They help distinguish us from other insurance companies, in particular by its expertise in customer experience management and its interactive survey platform.
Jean-Routhier SSQ

Jean Routhier

Senior Director - Customer Experience and Innovation

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