VoC & Customer Feedback Management Platform

A powerful customer experience management tool!

Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to customer experience. When customers go through the trouble of sending you feedback about their experience, they are showing their commitment to your brand.

A mere 4% of dissatisfied customers will let you know they’re unhappy, while 75% will simply turn their backs on your business.

Lanla’s VoC & customer feedback management platform helps you keep a close eye on customer satisfaction and work proactively to build and maintain a strong customer experience.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

– Bill Gates


Setting up a continuous satisfaction survey and using our VoC & customer feedback management platform means:

  • To give your customers a way to directly share their opinions with you instead of systematically resorting to social media
  • To continuously measure customer satisfaction following transactions or experiences with your organization
  • To quickly identify what aspects of the experience require your attention
  • To respond to your detractors promptly to recover them and turn them into promoters
  • To get all managers within your organization on board with customer experience management
  • To optimize your marketing strategies using your customers’ comments and suggestions
  • To see a difference in your key indicators and your profits!

Simple, yet effective dashboards and summary reports!

The dashboards and summary reports available on our platform let you track which surveys your customers have completed and your company’s performance over time, both by point of sale and by region.

Customer Survey Results

A few of the many reports we offer:

  • Satisfaction rate overall and at key points in the customer journey
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Statistics on the number of alerts and processing time
  • Table summarizing alerts received
  • Detailed report for each survey and summary of customer experience
  • Alert resolution and interventions history
  • Customer comments extracted by question
  • And many other reports available!

An intuitive platform that lets you track customer satisfaction in real time

Lanla and its team of business intelligence analysts can work with you to create custom monitoring reports for your managers. What’s more, you’ll benefit from analyses of your results that will enhance your understanding and help you make better decisions.

A multi-sector solution

One might think that customer feedback management platforms are only for the retail and restaurant sectors, but it’s a different story! Whether you have a service or manufacturing business, operate one or multiple points of service, and deal directly with consumers or with a business clientele, continuous satisfaction surveys and our VoC & customer feedback management platform have plenty to offer your organization.

Request a demo and start focusing on your customers today!

The Lanla Edge

  • A fully customized survey that reflects your business
  • Key indicators for strong decision making
  • Real-time detractor management
  • Structured guidance and support
Lanla is an irreplaceable customer experience partner for our company. Their expertise, competence and support make them the ideal partner to support us in the management of our network and to help us improve our customer service performance troughout Canada.
Éric Babin IRIS

Éric Babin


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