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Customer Experience

Experience is your company’s trademark, which allows you to retain your customers.

Customer experience goes beyond the simple measure of satisfaction, it is the merging of tangible and intangible elements of your relationship with your customers i.e. all the emotions and feelings felt by customers before, during and after the purchase of a product or service from your company.

Lanla not only measures experience, it also plays a key role as partner in the implementation of a customer-centric corporate culture.

An innovative approach_____

Lanla provides you with detailed information on customer experience within your network, as perceived by real consumers thanks to a panel of over 200,000 mystery shoppers throughout Canada. Whether you are measuring compliance with standards at your various points of service or measuring your customers’ perception of their experience with your company, our tailor-made programs adapt to your reality and needs.

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A better customer experience inevitably goes through the voice of your consumers. Whether it’s measuring your customers’ satisfaction, knowing their perceptions of your products or services or drawing up their sociodemographic profile and purchasing behaviours, our research team can carry out a number of customised surveys among your customers or through our consumer panel from across Canada.

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Position your customer experience in relation to your competitors and implement effective action plans to propel you to the top. A comprehensive study of your Net Promoter Score and that of the main competitors in your industry allows you to seize market opportunities and threats. Therefore, you will be able to propose actions and budgets to ensure the current and future competitiveness of your organization.

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For Groupe Germain Hotels, Lanla's expertise contributes to the excellence of the customer experience within our facilities, making it a partner of choice.
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