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If employee talent and commitment cannot be invented, flashes of genius often come from happy and engaged employees.

Replacing an employee can represent major costs. Indeed, staff demobilization is a considerable hidden cost, which has a direct effect on company profitability, in terms of both the increase of sales and cost control, not to mention the deterioration of customer experience provided to the end consumer.

Committed employees are enthusiastic, they influence other employees, suggest new ideas and offer a better customer experience.

Moreover, a company’s employees are its very first customers. Hence the reason why many company executives, as part of the implementation of a customer-centric organizational culture, consider staff mobilization as their main priority.

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Lanla’s mobilization surveys enable you to get a detailed picture of your employees’ satisfaction thanks to flexible methods that are customized to the needs of your company. These surveys provide you with a clear picture of the situation to enable you to identify your employees’ mobilization levers and implement an action plan based on effective operational solutions.

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Adopt a winning strategy and let your management teams benefit from our expert consultants in organizational development and their support in the development and realization of a concrete action plan. Lanla helps you draw an objective picture of your current situation to identify your challenges and offer solutions that are truly tailored to your needs.

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Our team of experts design customized training programs and offer you interactive workshops to help you develop or strengthen your managers’ and staff’s core competencies. Whether it be experiential training programs based on games, awareness sessions or even employee experience workshops, Lanla offers you effective tools, which are designed according to the reality of your company and which guarantee positive results among your teams.

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Lanla's mystery shopper program and support in developing the skills of our teams make it a key partner in the success of our mission: to enchant and delight Aéroports de Montréal's clientele.
Luc-Charbonneau ADMTL

Luc Charbonneau

Director, Commercial, Parking and Ground Transportation

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