6 principles of personal relationships vital to CX

Here are 6 essential principles to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Colin Shaw



Customer experience

Loyalty and retention

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07 December 2017

Here are 6 essential principles to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Colin Shaw, one of the world leaders in customer experience, shares 6 essential principles derived from his personal relationships that will help companies build lasting relationships with their customers:

  1. The laws of attraction: Companies cannot build relationships with their customers if the latter are not “attracted” to the brand.
  2. Compatibility and values: Potential customers like to do business with companies that have the same values they do.
  3. Disagreement: Client complaints are an opportunity for companies to learn from their customers and to develop a strategy to surprise and satisfy them.
  4. Compromise: Companies with rigid policies cause frustration among their customers. It is important for companies to be able to make exceptions to the rules when able to do so.
  5. A deep understanding: Human beings make decision based on emotional and subconscious factors. Hence the reason companies must have a deep understanding of their customers to be able to adapt accordingly.
  6. Honesty: A client’s loss of trust in a company can have an irreversible effect, it is preferable to be honest from the start.

The author’s conclusion is that customer relationships should be built on simple common sense. You would like to know more about your customers and be able to build lasting relationships with them? Why not contact us to implement your customer experience measurement and management program?

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