The Best CX Leaders ROCK at These 3 Things

How do CX leaders stand out and how are they successful?

Jeannie Walters


Customer experience

Measuring and Managing

Article published on

28 November 2017

How do CX leaders stand out and how are they successful?

Customer experience (CX) is a hot topic which is becoming increasingly important in numerous industries. Indeed, managers throughout the world are determined to consistently improve customer experience. But how do we really explain the success of CX leaders? In this article, Jeannie Walters presents us with 3 noteworthy actions:

  1. The best CX leaders put themselves in the customers shoes: Leaders continuously measure their clients’ real experience and consider the information they provide. They not only measure the buyer’s journey, but also the overall customer journey.
  2. The best CX leaders collect consistent feedback from their clients: They also use different complementary measuring methods and follow several indexes over time (client satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), etc.) to reach their objectives.
  3. Instead of talking about CX internally, the best CX leaders educate their teams: The goal is for teams to embed and focus on delivering exceptional experiences. Managers must therefore not only communicate the desired results to their teams, but also the specific actions that will lead to the achievement of these objectives.

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