The future of CX Measurement

Innovation in customer experience measures and practices: surveys, data sources and analytics are evolving.

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian


Customer experience

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18 April 2018

Innovation in customer experience measures and practices: surveys, data sources and analytics are evolving.

In a report on the future of customer experience measurement published by the Forrester agency, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian demonstrates how specialists in customer experience can modernize surveys, tap into new sources of data and optimize analytics that drive operational strategies.

The author sets the tone by presenting upcoming trends and pursues with the resulting consequences and avenues for development.

The following are several trends related to customer experience measurement:

  • Communication methods are constantly evolving therefore measurement tools will have to follow suit: Voice control is progressively replacing keyboard writing in favour of the phone and consumers increasingly use photos and videos when interacting with a brand.
  • AI related technologies provide better means to measure, analyze and forecast: Artificial intelligence allows to increase the speed and precision of analytics. It also opens the door for new forms of feedback: images and videos.

To keep up with these trends, customer experience specialists must innovate. The following are a few avenues for development:

  • Modernize measurement tools: design visual, customized surveys; integrate surveys during customer conversations; ask customers to include videos and images in their responses and implement very short surveys.
  • Consider a broader range of data sources: insert surveys via chatbot following an online interaction; replace surveys with textual transcription analyses following a phone conversation; implement a system of transcription and analysis of interactions during online discussions; analyze photos and videos posted by customers on social media.
  • Optimize analytics that drive action: make use of AI to capture elements that trigger frustration among customers; use predictive algorithms to determine customers’ most likely reactions to specific experiences; measure, analyze and intervene in real-time; be on the lookout for trends and focus on the continuous improvement of customer experience measures; analyze the customer path to measure and improve cross-channel behaviours.

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